How can we shape Vancouver as a truly sustainable city?  At the Experience 2050: Change Jam series, EPIC Festival visitors discovered the answer.  The Change Jam format engages audience members to brain-storm on solutions in groups, compose short statements in response to the initial questions, then hear these announced from the Main Stage nightly.

Sustainable Living – Behaviour Change and Localized Strategies

Kala Sidhu, Cocreatrix


After years of running a successful web design 
company and further exploring the potential of 
co-creativity, Kala is building Cocreatrix, a new 
type of online social network that helps people 
reconnect with their local community and share 
what they have to offer so that everyone’s unique 
talents and abilities can be expressed and fully 

Kala’s Change Jam Summary: The vision of 
Cocreatrix is to allow users to find what they 
need quickly then log off their computers in 
order to spend more time sharing who we are, our 
dreams, abilities and resources. Using a co-op 
database, we can build stronger communities 
where all our needs are met.


Patrick Meyer, Canadian Cohousing Network


While in his professional life Patrick is a Board 
Member at the Canadian Cohousing Network 
as well as a Sustainable Building Advisor who 
specializes in the role of water in regenerative 
design, in his personal life he has lived in 
a cohousing community in Langley called 
WindSong for over a decade. Patrick feels that 
living at WindSong has had the expected result 
of more meaningful social interactions with 
his neighbours but it has also stirred a deeper 
relationship with his wife and children.

Patrick’s Change Jam Summary: Patrick
provided an overview of what cohousing is and 
what it is not. He also reviewed the 
benefits of living in community both from a 
theoretical level as well as drawing on his own 
experience of living at WindSong Cohousing for 
over a decade.

Participate in the Change Jam:

People  jamed on community blueprints for projects, businesses, events and endeavors of all kinds; these were loaded, shared and synchronized through the Cocreatrix website which matches resources and people in different geographic locations.


Sustainable Living – Advancing Culture: Arts, Fashion, Community

Mary Hanlon, Social Alterations

Mary Hanlon - Bio Photo (1)Mary is the Founder of SocialAlterations.com, 
and has guest lectured on responsible fashion 
at several progressive universities and art 
institutes. In 2009 Mary won the Fashioning 
the Future award at London College of Fashion 
and she holds an MA in Integrated Studies, a 
BA in International Development Studies, and a 
Diploma in Textile Art.

SocialAlterations.com is an online education 
lab for responsible fashion that provides free 
industry resources such as study guides, 
lesson plans, and learning modules, as well as 
independent research, case studies, and reports 
for responsible fashion education. 




Katherine Soucie, Sans Soucie

BIO image 13Katherine is an award winning Vancouver-based 
artist, designer and writer who specializes 
in transforming textile industry waste into 
new textiles for one of a kind clothing and 
accessories. She studied Fashion Design in 
Ontario before furthering her studies in Textiles 
and Visual Art in Vancouver. Since 2003, her 
experimentation with non-traditional materials 
and textile industry waste has resulted in an 
extensive body of work for which she has received 
numerous scholarships, grants and awards. 
Her zero waste philosophy allows for something 
unexpected to emerge which has led her to 
design for film, television, dance and theatre. 
Under the moniker, Sans Soucie, Katherine has 
sold throughout Canada, US and Japan and 
exhibited internationally.

Katherine’s Change Jam Summary: Focusing 
on a project she initiated in 2010 as part 
of her thesis research in graduate school, 
(zero.O.lab), Katherine discussed the need to 
build partnerships between industry and local 
designers to create a more zero waste approach 
to production and consumption of fashion. As 
an incubator for artists, designers and creative 
thinkers to collaborate on the zero waste 
approach to fashion, the (zero.O.lab) strives to 
build relationships between communities and 

Participate in the Change Jam: 
Participants were asked to envision projects or campaigns that will empower both local and global communities, drawing inspiration from projects such as the Canadian Responsible Fashion Consortium and Shared Talent India, a responsible materials sourcing project.

Sustainable Purchasing and Production

Vanessa Timmer, One Earth

vanessatimmerVanessa is the Executive Director of One Earth, a nonprofit ‘think and do’ tank focused on systemic change for sustainable consumption and production with partners such as The Story of Stuff. She is an Associate at Harvard University on innovation, co-hosts the television show The Sustainable Region, and co-leads a global campaign to create positive and compelling visions of life in sustainable futures.

Vanessa’s Change Jam Summary: The way we 
decide to purchase and/or produce can support 
sustainable lifestyles. I’ve looked all over the 
world for best practices and shared the latest 
ideas in design, closed loop systems, and ethical 
and sustainable purchasing. 

 Participate in the Change Jam  
Participants were asked to envision and contribute ideas on sustainable lifestyles, purchasing and production. Participants were encouraged to offer up ideas relating to The Sharing Project and a Lighter Footprint Campaign being launched in response to Vancouver’s Greenest City 2020 initiative. 


 Chris Diplock, Collective Research Group

Chris DiplockChris Diplock founded the Collective Research 
Group (CRG) in November of 2012. The 
CRG oversees The Sharing Project which is 
researching Vancouver’s collaborative economy. 
Chris has a certificate in Community Economic 
Development, and has been on the Board of 
Directors for several co-operatives including the 
recently launched Tool Library. 


Sustainable Health & Society

Facilitator: Sherry Strong, Jiivala

Sherry StrongSherry Strong is a food philosopher, nutritional 
strategist and creator of the Jiivala Holistic 
Entrepreneurship Program. Sherry started her 
cooking school, “The Foodlover’s Workshop” 
in 1993 which led to regular television 
appearances, magazine articles, and speaking 
at TEDxTokyo in 2009. She’s on the Vancouver 
Faculty of the Institute of Holistic Nutrition and 
presents internationally on the philosophies in 
her book “Return to Food.” 

Sherry’s Change Jam Summary: There are a lot of 
people who want to do good; they are passionate 
about making a difference doing what they love 
but lack the confidence, courage and finances 
to take the leap of faith. The Jiivala Holistic 
Entrepreneurship program helps people overcome 
all of these things.

Participate in the Change Jam  
The audience learned how they can start 
to believe they can do what they love and be 
abundantly rewarded for it; they can start to 
develop a business built on their past expertise, 
present skills and talents, and future desires 
shaped by how they wish to live and to be the 
change in the world.


Sustainable Policy & Commerce

Jordan Bober, Seedstock

JBIn 2012, Jordan Bober co-founded the 
Seedstock Community Currency Project. 
Jordan obtained a Master’s in Economics at 
the University of Gothenburg, Sweden where 
he was heavily influenced by his research on 
community currencies and how they can help 
build more resilient local economies. Jordan is 
an active member of the local New Economics 
and Transition movement, and is a student of 
permaculture design. 

Jordan’s Change Jam Summary: As an economist, I 
believe that the prevailing monetary system lies 
at the root of many of society’s biggest problems. 
To address these problems, I co-founded 
Seedstock Community Currency. The biggest 
challenges of this initiative are the general lack 
of familiarity with community currency, and the 
difficulty of embedding new spending habits. 




Participate in the Change Jam 
Participants were encouraged to generate ideas on how to educate the public about the benefits of community currencies, and on creative ways to induce changes in spending behaviour to use community currencies regularly.



Sustainable Innovation & Entrepreneurship

Co-Facilitator: Robyn Fenton, Vancouver Design Nerds Society

Fenton headshot 2013Robyn is a Vancouver based architect 
and designer and the founder of ReForma 
Architecture. Her interests lie in creating 
beautiful and functional spaces; Client 
Engagement and Facilitation are new areas 
of interest in her practice. She is a volunteer 
board member for the Vancouver Design Nerds 
Society, an entity that facilitates, promotes and 
supports positive social, environmental and urban 
transformation by providing platforms for face-to face 
creative collaboration. The society designs, 
expedites and improves civic engagement 
through dialogue, art, design, media and other 
creative methods. 




Eesmyal Santos-Brault, Vancouver Design Nerds Society

Santos-Brault_EesmyalEesmyal is an inventor and social entrepreneur. 
His background is in engineering, arts, and 
sustainability. He co-founded and continues to 
serve as a director of three successful social 
enterprises that focus on creativity, sustainability 
and collaboration: The HiVE, Open Green 
Building Society, and the Vancouver Design 
Nerds. Eesmyal is also an instructor teaching 
green building for the Canada Green Building 
Council and for UBC Continuing Studies. 
He earns a living as a green building expert 
and Principal of Recollective, a $1M multidisciplinary 
green building consulting firm he 
co-founded in 2006. 

Participate in the Change Jam

After looking at examples of creative spaces 
facilitating innovators and entrepreneurs 
in Vancouver and around the world, we
challenged the audience to imagine a future 
where Vancouver has a Centre for Innovation & 

  • *  what would it look like? 
  • *  where would it be? 
  • *  what services and resources could it offer to help create / support / grow / sustain innovators and entrepreneurs in Vancouver?