Greenster Guidebooks


How do you keep the EPIC spirit alive? 

You discovered some fantastic brands and vendors over the weekend. How about some exclusive offers to help you make healthier, more sustainable everyday choices year-round? 

EPIC is a proud sponsor of the Greenster Guidebook, a guide to sustainable food, fun and shopping in Vancouver. Greenster features discounts from sustainable brands including many of the exhibitors you discovered at EPIC. Save over $10,000 using the guidebook at places like Rocky Mountain Flat Bread Co., Elroy Apparel and Green Earth Organics. Overall, more than 200 offers from brands making a positive difference. The Greenster Guidebook retails for $29.  Get your copy today!  as this offer is only available until August 1, 2013.

To get 50% off your purchase, enter EPIC as the Group ID.

Offers within the Guidebook expire December 31, 2013.