The $19 million VanDusen Botanical Garden Visitor Centre was opened in October of 2011 and designed to reflect a balance between architecture, landscape, and nature. Featuring an undulating green roof resembling an orchid, this stunning building is targeting LEED® Platinum certification and Living Building* status – therefore providing the perfect home for EPIC.

6350877795_212344ccfd_z-300What is a Living Building?

A living building is the next generation of green building, made of sustainable materials and using only as much energy and resources as it is able to generate on-site.  A certified Living Building must be net-zero energy, net-zero water, non-toxic, reduce its embodied carbon footprint with carbon offsets and recycle 80 to 100 percent of construction waste generated. To receive Living Building certification a building must have at least 12 months of occupancy and operation behind it to ensure that a project is functioning as anticipated.

6876952249_5cb047cb6c_z-300VanDusen’s Visitor Centre features a number of energy efficient and sustainable design elements such as a a green-roof, geothermal heating, solar panels, a water capture system, and organic water purification system. The facility plans to achieve net-zero water consumption, net-zero energy consumption, and carbon neutral status.

So not only does the vision of the organization align perfectly with EPIC’s mandate, it’s truly an ‘EPIC’ venue that very optically connects nature to our Sustainable Living Festival. What better place to meander through Vancouver’s most iconic garden, while discovering local music, food and beverage, and a Sustainable Living Marketplace teeming with hundreds of savvy businesses offering high-quality products and services whose creators are innovators with a passion for better, healthier, and more sustainable design.

We couldn’t think of a place we’d rather be.