EPIC Festival 2013 Line Up

PEAK1027logo_REVThe performers of EPIC Festival 2013 are some of the best and brightest musicians in BC. From up-and-coming emerging artists like Steph MacPherson or Norika Yew to well established professionals Kuba Oms and the Paperboys, EPIC Festival 2013 was a unique musical experience showcasing our homegrown talent in an amazing natural setting with plenty of room for dancing or just relaxing on the grass.

EPIC Main Stage entertainment is planned for EPIC Fest 2015 – details to come.


Kuba Oms | The Paperboys
41st and Home | Buckman Coe | Dominique Fricot
From Birch to Yew | Hilary Grist | Headwater | Jordan Klassen
Nat Jay | Steph MacPherson | Maria in the Shower | Lindsay May
Ali Milner | David Morin | Rayne |The River and The RoadWatasun

Kuba Oms & the Velvet Revolution

Kuba OmsKuba Oms knows how to make people dance.  Born in Victoria to a Scottish mother and Indian father, Kuba is a third generation Canadian.  As long time musical director of B.C.’s legendary electronic jam band, Velvet, he’s played with some of the biggest names in the dance world. EPIC Festival visitors shaked their tail feathers to some of his brand new material as well as dance classics from years past.

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The Paperboys

Paperboys-smThe Paperboys were formed by Mexican born Tom Landa in the mid nineties in Vancouver.  Tom had a vision of forming a band that fused Folk, Celtic and Bluegrass music with Pop and Rock.  They have a deep respect for tradition (Bluegrass, Old Time, Celtic, Son) but are by no means Traditional. The band’s latest CD, Callithump, is a perfect marriage of all the different styles The Paperboys play. The Paperboys brought the house down Sunday night to wrap up EPIC Festival.

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41st and Home

41st and Home sm41st and Home formed in 2008 when Garth Covernton and Thom Kolb found a cello in Garth’s garage. Neither knew how to play it, but that wasn’t the point: the point was the fascination with all things epic and orchestral it inspired. In early 2011 the band sequestered themselves to work on a new EP. The result, in just over a month (when their first album took a year!), is a 6 song collection evoking sonic comparisons to Arcade Fire, The National and Broken Social Scene, all while maintaining their own unique flavor and sound. Selected as one of BC’s Top 20 in the 2012 Peak Performance Project, 41st and Home was the official First Band Ever to play EPIC Festival.

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Jordan Klassen

Jordan KlassenJordan Klassen makes music built out of pure imagination. A truly alluring voice, laid upon beds of shimmering strings, caressed guitar, and coaxing percussion. His latest work takes such a foundation, and continues to build. Kindness, a 4 song EP, introduces rich and full-bodied singing alongside his now ubiquitous falsetto. The first single from the EP, “Go To Me” provides a glimpse as to what his upcoming LP might sound like. The song has been critically celebrated, with ChippedHip.com calling it a “cinematic pop rocker” and Holeytonal dubbing it a “gracefully dramatic little masterpiece.”

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Steph MacPherson

Steph MacPhersonIn the fall of 2009, Steph MacPherson embarked on her first tour of Canada with folk musician Zachary Lucky. The tour was an ambitious endeavor of 30 shows in 33 days. Shortly thereafter, fueled by the success of the trip, she relocated from her home in Victoria, BC, to Vancouver.  Steph took 2011 to tour, play a few key festivals, and write and record a full-length album that reflected her personal and musical growth. She released Bells & Whistles in Canada on April 17, 2012 with Cordova Bay Records.

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Dominique Fricot

Dominique Fricot“Charisma cannot be taught. It cannot be practiced in a rehearsal space. You cannot take a course on charisma. Dom has it. He has it in spades.” (Marty Zylstra of Vancouver’s Sweetheart). With his commanding stage presence, unrivaled songwriting skill and ear for creating pure pop masterpieces, Dominique owns the stage with his rich baritone and his emotive fusion of rock, soul, folk and jazz. Dominique played EPIC Festival with a string section, offering some amazing arrangements and beautiful musicianship.

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Ali Milner

Ali MilnerAli Milner’s fresh-faced appearance might make her look like a newcomer, but don’t be fooled — at 22 years old, she has already been recording and performing for eleven years. In that time she’s gone from being a promising teenaged favorite to a seasoned performer who is quickly becoming a familiar face in Canada’s indie music world. Raised in Whistler, BC, but now living in Vancouver, her timeless sound blends R&B pop with old-soul jazz and even a dose of hard-hitting rock ‘n’ roll.

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Buckman Coe

Buckman Coe PerformingBuckman Coe is one of Vancouver’s best loved musicians. He has partnered with several organizations promoting education, environmental protection and community building, both in Canada and in developing nations. Buckman Coe appeared at EPIC Festival as the leader of Seiyuu Irie, his experimental dub-reggae band. EPIC Festival visitors were greeted with some seriously groovy roots reggae music, some brand new Buckman Coe songs from his recent album “Crow’s Nest” and some unexpected musical twists and turns.

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David Morin

David MorinWhether you catch him beatboxing on a Vancouver street or singing and playing guitar onstage at a Vancouver club, you’re bound to be charmed by the many talents of musician David Morin. After years spent honing his craft to critical acclaim in the Vancouver scene and beyond, the 29 year-old neo-soul singer, songwriter and multi-instrumentalist is set to release his debut album. Written and produced entirely by Morin, the record features his unique fusion of soul, hip-hop and jazz.  At EPIC Festival he used layers of guitar riffs, beatboxing, smooth-as-silk vocals, and top class emceeing, delivering a mini set as accessible as it is seductive.

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Rayne iTunes CoverArt200Rayne is a Canadian singer-songwriter, rapper and record producer. Putting together his classical and jazz influences in songs helped him discover his own unique sound. Rayne’s dream of becoming a world renowned Hip-Hop/R&B artist is accompanied with further goals of someday owning his own record label. In early 2012, he was signed by a local record label known as Hammer Records. They are working towards producing and recording Rayne’s debut album, starting with his unique single Freeze Time.


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Hilary Grist

Hillary GristHearts and crafts: Vancouver’s art-pop, torch-folk songstress, Hilary Grist, embraces the rich details of the heart and paints sparkling vignettes with her poignant musical and visual creations. Inspired by the mysterious, and a penchant for wide-eyed optimism, her soothing honey-soaked voice and intimate piano playing soar over driving indie pop, warm tinderbox folk and whimsical jazz; all with a twinkle in her eye and a stomp in her foot.

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WatasunThe name Watasun represents community and culture. The music is described as funky, folky, beach music. Based out of Vancouver, BC, this duo creates a fusion of pop music using any genre they can to express themselves in an upbeat and positive fashion. They have become the official sound of Vancouver Tourism with their song, ‘It’s You’: the theme song for Vancouver Tourism’s new marketing campaign! Watasun perform shows and events that create upbeat and positive vibes.

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Nat Jay

Nat JayNat Jay’s songs have been placed on networks around the world, including ABC, The CW, MTV, Nickelodeon, CBC, CTV, Global TV, and Lifetime. Compared with powerful performers like Joni Mitchell, Patsy Cline, Alanis Morissette, and the Dixie Chicks, Nat Jay’s compelling and highly accomplished vocal delivery will certainly turn heads in a noisy club, but it is her emotive songwriting ability that will steal the hearts of each and every audience member.

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HeadwaterHeadwater started out in the early 2000′s when Jonas and Matt left their rock ‘n roll days behind to play acoustic music. “We started writing tunes that we thought people would sing along to, move their bodies to, and really enjoy. Tim and Pat (steel and bass) joined a couple of years later. Hundreds of great shows later, we really have a musical fellowship that makes us all happy.  Putting all of us together on stage – man, it’s what makes our lives so awesome.”

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From Birch to Yew

From Birch to Yew

Norika Yue is the voice, composer and overall powerhouse behind the band From Birch to Yew. At EPIC Festival, Norika performed a solo acoustic set. Norika’s young age (20) might deceive some audiences: he has a suprisingly sophisticated approach to composition, musical stylings, and lyrics, and writes incredibly intimate, touching songs.

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Maria in the Shower

Maria in the ShowerMaria in the Shower is a uniquely entertaining quartet at the leading edge of Canada’s new folk sound. Their musical approach is a simple but potent alchemy, marrying traditional folk and jazz with lyrics that explore fundamental human questions, delivering it with pure fun and energy. Simultaneously humorous and apocalyptic, human and otherworldly, these four young men have the entertaining power of a traveling circus with musical depth to back it up.

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Lindsay May

Lindsay MayBorn and raised in Kelowna BC, Lindsay May knew from a young age that she wanted to make music her life, and found a that she had a knack for turning heartache into therapeutic verse and melodies that hang on long after the fires die down.  She made the move to Vancouver in 2004 to go head to head with some of the province’s best singer/songwriters.  With a seemingly endless supply of energy and passion she performs regularly at festivals, house concerts and various venues around British Columbia as well as showcasing at the city’s best nightclubs. Lindsay May performed an acoustic set showcasing her skills on the mandolin, guitar and her powerful, evocative voice.

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The River and the Road

TRATR Promo - 200After several months as a duo, singer/guitarist Andrew Phelan and singer/banjo player Keenan Lawlor joined forces with bassist John Hayes and drummer Cole George to form a dynamic four piece in the spring of 2012. In their short history as a band, The River and The Road has blossomed from a busking duo to an internationally touring quartet. With a long list of global tour dates behind them, and many new fans to show for it, the band has returned home to Vancouver. You’ll hear a spirited folk form of sincere storytelling, mixed with strong harmonies, heavy percussion breakdowns, and dynamic arrangements: this is the sound of The River and The Road.

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